The Cadillac Café has been an innovative institution for breakfast and lunch on Portland’s NE Broadway dining scene for over twenty-five years. Jump-started by Rod Brackenbury and Terry Hughes in 1989 on the guiding principles of quality, consistency and exceptional service, the Cadillac Café embraced the surrounding community and has flourished ever since.

In 2002, Brackenbury and Hughes relocated their dining hotspot into a new building just nine blocks to the east of their original location. The muted pink walls of the new space give the diner an instant feeling of warmth and comfort. Taking design cues from the Art Deco period, the dining room is divided into small intimate spaces and includes the display of a drivable 1961 pink Cadillac convertible and a glass walled Garden Room Dining area with a towering deco themed fireplace.

Rod and Terry sold the business to Jim Hall and Josh Johnston in 2015. Jim and Josh, both local Portland business owners, jumped at the opportunity to carry the torch from Rod & Terry. Jim and Josh currently own and operate a group of restaurants in Portland and saw the Cadillac Café, experienced staff, and loyal patrons as a great addition to their family. As far as we know, Rod & Terry are relaxing on the beach!!

The Cadillac Café owners and staff are dedicated to providing you with a breakfast and lunch experience to enjoy and remember.