Cadillac Cocktails

Breakfast Cosmo
Effen Blood Orange vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice, white peach purée 9.50

Pineapple Screwdriver
vodka, Aperol, pineapple juice 9.00

Salted Caddy
gin, grapefruit juice, lime juice, simple syrup, salted rim 9.00

Hibiscus Old Fashioned
Ancient Aged bourbon, hibiscus cardamom syrup, Angostura bitters, orange 9.50

Sparked Coffees

Hot Rod
151 rum, Kahlua, triple sec, espresso, whipped cream, nutmeg, caramelized sugar rim 10.00

Southern Caddy
bourbon, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, coffee, simple syrup, splash of cream 9.50

Bailey’s, Frangelico, Kahlua, whipped cream choose cold brew or drip coffee 9.50

Sparked Shakes

Kahlua Oreo Shake
Kahlua, vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, whipped cream 11.50

BFK Shake
Baileys, Frangelico, Kahlua, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 11.50

Mint Julep Shake
Ancient Aged bourbon, crème de menthe, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 11.50


fresh orange juice, sparkling wine  7.50 glass, 26.00 carafe

Grapefruit Mimosa
grapefruit juice, sparkling wine  7.50 glass, 26.00 carafe

Pear Mimosa
pear purée, sparkling wine  9.00 glass, 29.00 carafe

Bellini on Broadway
Pinnacle Peach vodka, peach schnapps, peach purée, sparkling wine 9.50

French 77
gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, sparkling wine 9.00

vodka, orange juice, sparkling wine in a pint glass 9.50


Classic Bloody Mary
Pinnacle vodka 9.00

Rosemary Mary
rosemary infused vodka 9.50

Hot Chili Mary
five pepper infused vodka 9.50

Bacon Mary
bacon infused vodka, bacon garnish 10.00

Bloody Mary Flight
rosemary infused, five pepper infused & bacon infused 12.00

Virgin Mary 5.95

Beer & Wine

Please ask your server about our rotating tap selection

Portland Cider Sorta Sweet 5.00

Oakshire Espresso Stout 5.00

Widmer Hefeweizen 5.00

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit 5.00

Omission Pale (gluten-free) 5.00

House Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay or Cabernet  6.00 glass, 25.00 bottle

Smoothies & Shakes

kale, orange juice, kiwi, banana, agave syrup 7.00

Glove Box
strawberries, bananas, pineapple, orange juice, grenadine 7.00

Tune Up
blueberries, bananas, vanilla, cranberry juice, yogurt 7.00

Spare Tire
chocolate, espresso, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, whipped cream 7.00

Key Lime Shake
fresh lime juice, graham cracker crumbs, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 7.00

choice of strawberries, blueberries or chocolate, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 7.00

From the Coffee Bar

Single Espresso 3.00

Cappuccino 4.00

Café au Lait 4.00

Café Latte 4.00

Café Mocha 4.25

Americano (2 shots) 3.75

Caffe Umbria Coffee 3.50

Cold Brew Coffee 4.25

Oregon Chai Tea Latte 4.50

Hot Cocoa 3.50

The Oregonian
mocha, hazelnut, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles 4.95

The Hollywood
white chocolate caramel mocha, whipped cream, vanilla sprinkles, caramel drizzle 4.95

The Irvington
mocha, vanilla, whipped cream, chocolate, vanilla sprinkles 4.95

The Broadway
latte, almond syrup, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles 4.95

Open Road Mocktails

Spontaneous Kombucha
fresh mint leaves, blueberries, lime juice, Humm kombucha, simple syrup 6.50

lime and grapefruit juice, agave nectar, sea salt, club soda   4.75

Virgin Mary 5.95

Fresh Juices, Sodas & More

Fresh Orange, Apple or Grapefruit Juice
sm 3.25, med. 4.00, lg 6.00

Cranberry, Pineapple, or Tomato Juice
sm 3.00, med. 3.75, lg 5.50

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 3.75

Humm Kombucha 6.00
(blueberry mint, mango passionfruit, or seasonal)

Crater Lake Soda 4.50
(rootbeer, vanilla cream or orange cream)

Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider 4.50

Tazo Hot Tea 3.25

Iced Tea (earl grey & black currant) 3.50

Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite 3.50

2% or Non-Fat Milk
sm 2.50, med. 3.75, lg 4.25

Almond or Soy Milk
sm. 3.50, med. 4.00, lg. 5.50